I haven’t posted in practically forever, and I hope that will change in the new year, but I felt I just had to let anyone who didn’t already know about these two sites:

The first of these two is called Shopathome. You can go here to sign up and receive $5 in your account when you sign up with the above link and make your first purchase.

The second of the sites is called Ebates.  You can sign up for that site with this link here. As with the other, you will receive $5 when you make your first purchase.

What makes these sites so cool?  If you go to either of their sites and search for an online retailer, you click on the link to that store and are sent there to do your shopping.  Meanwhile, because you have gone through either of the above cash back sites, they will reward you with a percentage of your purchase.  This can range from as low as 1% to as high as 35% or maybe even more! And with all of the incredible online deals and often free shipping it’s well worth a look. Each of these sites also has a list of coupon codes they are aware of for each retailer which can help out even more.

I have done most of my online shopping for Christmas this year through these sites and I can’t wait to rake in the dough just for buying stuff I was going to buy anyway!

Here’s the best part! Right now both of these sites are in somewhat of a bidding war, Ebates has doubled a great deal of their cash back offers in anticipation of the holiday shopping.  Sounds good right?  But Shopathome has a guaranteed 110% price matching offer (could be on other cash back sites, but it’s definitely for Ebates) so if you go to their site and give them the url link back to the Ebates offer and it’s higher than what Shopathome offers, they will match and beat it by 110%! I did this last week with a Disney.com deal.  Shopathome had it for 6%, Ebates had it for 10% so I clicked on the price matching link and just like that I was given 11% cash back!

I highly recommend getting signed up on each of these sites as some of the retailers do not have cash back deals with both of them…but when they DO, make sure you compare offers and see if going with Shopathome isn’t the best deal after the 110% price matching deal.

Kellogg’s just announced a recall on some of their cereal. Check out Savings with Shellie for the details.
I bought a TON of this stuff, I wonder if any of mine will end up on the list.


Over the last few days I have been working on one of the projects I mentioned in this post. We have a playroom filled with toys. Rarely is there a time when you  enter the room and don’t trip over one of our 3 kid’s “projects” and while on penalty of death my children have [...]


Most of us have looked at the new Nabisco Cookies coupon and shaken our heads in disappointment.  Some have even declared that it’s not worth the ink to print it.  I almost agreed until I saw the new Albertson’s flyer.
Starting Wednesday, Albertsons has the following deals:
Nabisco Oreo cookies $1.99 each
Tombstone Pizza 2/$7
There is also [...]


I got my new kit recently, this one for got2b hair products. 

Sorry for the photo quality, I’m still relegated to using my iphone camera instead of a real one these days.
I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get any full size items this time around, but they did give [...]


For the complete saga check out my previous posts here.
Well it would appear I was a bit overly ambitious when I thought that I would have something worth reporting every day. The last two days dd has failed to be anything but irregular.  One day I averaged about an hour or two between her being [...]


I just came across a giveaway for a $600 vacuum! I’ve looked at Oreck vacuums before and never been willing to pay the price tag. Ironically I ended up eventually paying close to that for my Dyson, but who can say no to a FREE vacuum?
If you are interested in trying to win the [...]


Today is Day 1 of my new revised approach to potty training my 3 and a half year old daughter. So far she has been pretty irregular in terms of when she actually has to go, especially with regards to bowl movements. Today I am going to get all of her clothes ready for her [...]


Late last month we had an insane weather front bringing storms and hail that hasn’t been seen in this part of Colorado in over 20 years if ever.

This is one of 6 shelves in my basement filled with various items (most of which I got free or cheap, with coupon deals).
Above this [...]


I’ve been struggling with getting my 3 and a half year old daughter potty trained.  I’ve had various brushes with success, some that lasted a few weeks and then the bar was raised (for me) and she fully regressed. Each time I would have to modify my strategy sometimes dramatically and we’d try all over [...]

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