Late last month we had an insane weather front bringing storms and hail that hasn’t been seen in this part of Colorado in over 20 years if ever.

photo (1)

This is one of 6 shelves in my basement filled with various items (most of which I got free or cheap, with coupon deals).

Above this picture is all of my crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks and such. Drinks are further down.

To the right and on the opposite side of this image is more cereal than I know what to do with (and quite a bit more that I can’t even fit, is waiting for a place to go.

All the way across this room is a freezer so full I can barely open it ;)

We had tornado warnings on and off for a good part of the day and like I said, we don’t get them where I live.

We had just finished grocery shopping for the lunch the kids were going to eat that day (poor planning I know) and after I pulled in with a cracked windshield (due to hail) the sirens went off and we had to leave our groceries in the garage and go downstairs.

I have 3 ravenous children 2 of which have high levels of anxiety.  Take no lunch and add the fact that the house was being pelted by fragments of ice, and you have a recipe for some pretty freaked out kids.

Fortunately I have my stockpile. I was able to get some relatively healthy crackers, some cheerios and with a quick and I mean QUICK trip upstairs, containers for the cheerios, and a bag of apples and water bottles. There were enough gaps in the warnings to allow me to make us more comfortable later on. I brought a laptop down and some movies and books for the kids to read, and our basement is furnished so we could all watch the weather updates in safety and comfort.

It could have been much worse.  And had that happened, I’m confident my stockpile would have seen us through :)

There are a number of sites that can help you to get a better idea of what you should have in your stockpile (or food storage) it’s all the same to me. One of the ones I like best is FSME or “Food Storage Made Easy”, Check it out for some good tips and even a weekly email breaking down all the steps to having a YEAR’s worth of food stored up.