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Well it would appear I was a bit overly ambitious when I thought that I would have something worth reporting every day. The last two days dd has failed to be anything but irregular.  One day I averaged about an hour or two between her being wet, and yesterday she went through two outfits in the time it took me to change her!

Today I brought out a brand new set of Tinker bell underwear and reminded her enthusiastically that they existed.  Then I casually mentioned that it would be really sad if they got all messy like her current set, so we’d better just set them aside to wait until she wasn’t having anymore accidents read not using the potty at all, a suggestion from the book. She was thrilled, and even went on and on about how she will have new underwear and she’ll get to ride the “horsie” (an incentive from daddy) once she’s dry.

Based on her drive to achieve these things you might expect that she would be interested in staying dry today wouldn’t you?  But, alas not today.  She sat on the potty each time she was wet (as is required) while I went to get her new clothes, but no matter how many times I checked and saw that she was dry and suggested that she may want to use the potty, she calmly refused each time.  *sigh* Well I just have to hold out hope that she’ll move past her resistance phase in time for her to have some successes before our trip. 

*fingers crossed*